In-Home Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage

  Relaxed Body, Calm Mind, Renewed Spirit

Professional, licensed massage therapy that comes to you. For 15+ years, I have created massage and spa packages for individuals and groups along the gulf coast. Take a few minutes to view my services and online reviews. Keep in mind, all services can be customized to fit your particular needs and time perameters. I look forward to customizing an in-home massage package for you!

Debit or credit card hold fee is required at time of booking. 24-48 hour cancellation policy applicable.  

Need more details or ready to make your reservation? call or text 251-228-2077 or email at 

Roselee Giovino Mueller, LMT, AL #2700  MA99197

Swedish ReInvented/ Medical Massage

Medium to Firm Pressure

  • 60 min. treatment / $135
  • 90 min. treatment / $165


A perfect choice for relieving tight, sore muscles, improving range of motion, and overall relaxation. Using customized massage techniques, this massage combines well with physical therapy and overall healthcare needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

Firm to Deep Pressure

  • 60 min. treatment / $155
  • 90 min. treatment / $185 


Targets the deeper, most inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues.  Unwind your muscles and your mind with RoseHaven’s relaxing, deeper pressure techniques. Techniques and tools such as cupping and stones may be used during deep tissue massage.

Relaxing Lymphatic Massage

Feather Light to Medium Pressure

  • 60 min. treatment / $125
  • 90 min. treatment / $155


Removes fluid retention such as post-surgical swelling. Perfect for relaxation and aids in faster healing. Relieves sinus pain and congestion, and is gaining popularity as a beauty treatment for a glowing complexion.

Promptly following surgery, this medical massage technique has been proven to permanently repair and redirect lymph flow and can prevent life-long swelling issues after lymph node removal procedures. Accelerates healing after tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, shoulder, knee, hip or any other surgery.

Hot Stone Bliss

Medium to Firm Pressure

  • 60 min. treatment / $130
  • 90 min. treatment / $160

Organic coconut oil and heat from smooth basalt stones penetrates muscles releasing all tension, creating total physical and mental relaxation. This session is the perfect choice for pampering, rejuvenating, and honoring oneself with therapeutic massage. De-stress and enjoy the bliss of heated stone massage.

Relaxing swedish MASSAGE

Light to Medium Pressure

  • 60 min. treatment / $125
  • 90 min. treatment / $155

Get the ultimate massage experience, call (251) 228-2077

Therapeutic Massage and Masques



   60 min w/ facial (approx 80min) / $170

  • 90 min. w/ facial (approx 110 min) / $215

60 or 90 minute massage plus a cleansing facial and this luxurious, hydrating face masque. Organic and infused with amino acids, Mediterranean Sea clay, Vitamin E, sea kelp, green tea, and grapefruit cleanses your pores and promotes healthy skin cell renewal. Glowing complexion and relaxed body in one session, le plus desirable.



  • 60 min. w/ facial (approx 80 min) / $170
  • 90 min. w/ facial (approx 110 min) / $215


60 or 90 minute massage plus a cleansing treatment and this purifying, detoxifying, blemish clearing clay masque. Applied to the back and shoulders or face and neck, this organic masque clears pores, soothes irritation, leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh. Acne clearing peptides are included in this healthy skin session. 



  • 60 min. w/ facial (approx 80 min) / $170
  • 90 min. w/ facial (approx 110 min) / $215


60 or 90 minute massage plus a cleansing facial and this yummy scented organic face masque. Enzymes of pumpkin exfoliate, while powdered honey and clay cleanses the skin. Turmeric targets pores and calms skin. A sweet and healthy skin care experience.

Additional Services

Pampered with Paraffin

Add on to any massage / $10-$20

Add on a soothing, softening, joint pain relieving treatment to any 60 or 90 minute massage. (includes Lymphatic Massage) Heated paraffin wax coats hands and feet in luxurious warmth. Add extra pampering to your next massage without adding extra time.

  • $10 Paraffin Wax for Hands
  • $10 Paraffin Wax for Feet


Add on to any Therapeutic Massage Service / $10

Relaxing and therapeutic. Using chilled facial stones to massage away puffiness, brightens complexion, and feels amazing.





Add on to any Therapeutic Massage Service / $5

Keep lips hydrated with our Collagen Crystal Lip Mask. Collagen, amino-acids and natural plant essences help to firm, tone, moisturize and hydrate. Mwah!


    Add on to any Therapeutic Massage Service / $5

    Organic essential oils for a customized Aromatherapy experience.


    ABOUT RoseHaven Massage


    Roselee Marie Giovino

    Roselee Marie Giovino


    I discovered therapeutic massage in early 2006. The previous year I had been injured in an auto collision and was injured with severe whiplash and moderate spinal trauma. My injuries from the accident caused numerous debilitating effects from chronic pain and numbness in my limbs.

    Professional, therapeutic massage provided the relief I so desperately needed from the pain, numbness, insomnia and fatigue. It was life-changing!

    I became a passionate believer in the healing possibilities of massage therapy, and a few months later, I made the commitment to earn my massage degree, and go on to become a professionally licensed massage therapist.

    In full-time practice since 2008, I have continued to learn and grow in my skills, providing relief, relaxation and general well-being with the art of massage.

    My career direction, skills, and attention to excellence as a therapist continues to mature and evolve with every year in practice. I hope to see you soon on my table, and in the meantime,

    May you be well, be calm, be in balance and Thank you for choosing the therapy of massage.

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations within 24 hours to 48 hours before appointment will have a $50 to full service cost fee.  Moving appointment dates and times may also have fees involved. 

    I apologize for the inconvenience of fees, but this is necessary for me to continue to provide the excellent service you can expect to receive from RoseHaven. Thank you for understanding.

    Get the ultimate massage experience, call (251) 228-2077

    Client Reviews

    Reilly Watson
    Reilly Watson
    19:09 31 May 24
    Roselee came to our condo and provided us with amazing massages! Very professional and relaxing experience! Thank you again!!!!!
    Kevin McGill
    Kevin McGill
    03:59 24 May 24
    Roselee was phenomenal in every way. I’d reached out on short notice and scheduled 3 massages for my wife, mother and sister while we were on vacation. Roselee met us at our AirBNB and performed all 3 massages back to back to back. All 3 of my family members raved about the quality of the massage, some saying it was the best massage they’d had. Roselee was very responsive, accomodating, and easy to work with throughout the process. The fact that Roselee came to us was extremely convenient. I’m jealous I didn’t get to experience one of Roselee’s massages myself, but I am so happy that our paths crossed. I cannot say enough about how great Roselee is, so do not pass up the opportunity!!
    Becky Gale
    Becky Gale
    21:24 14 May 24
    I’ve had massages for 20 years in different places, including cruise ships. This is the best massage I’ve ever had. Rosalee is fantastic.

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